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The reason for this page.
August 2013 within hours of the Camperick review appearing on we where inundated with phone calls, contact forms and e-mails from campers that have stayed at our campsite and where incensed with the review they had seen.  Some actually contacted to complain about what they had read, some wrote reviews to set things right but theirs have not been shown.
Niggle 1. Recycling
(My Reply) Dumfries & Galloway Council are one of the few councils that have a state of the art recycling plant that separates and recycles all the rubbish from one bin. Nobody in D&G has yet been supplied with different coloured bins for rubbish separation as some other councils do, they are very proud that very little goes into land fill.

Niggle 2. “The bins were not emptied enough and for the duration of our visit they were always full to overflowing.”
(My Reply) The bins are collected every Monday, yep every Monday even bank holidays. We start off each week with 2 bins out and as they get full I place another bin out and so on and so on. We find if we put them all out together some think it is a good time to spring clean their vans and start filling them with old and broken tables, chairs, BBQ’s and even a fridge!?! Yep a fridge I kid you not! I haven't worked out yet why some people just open the first bin and put there rubbish in, and then are not able to put the lid down properly when the bin right next to it is almost empty? When the bins start to get full I climb in and compact them, they never overflow so what you probably saw was some empty bottles next to the bins. Some campers just leave them by the bins.

Niggle 3. “There is only one waste water drain. Both it and the chemical toilet disposal are at the top of the site and dragging full tanks / aquarolls up to the top is hard work”.
(My Reply) Incorrect there are two waste water drains. One outside the shower block and one by the old water mill. Correct there is only one chemical toilet disposal point, but how many would you expect on a small site? Anyone with any mobility, heart or any other heath problems just has to ask and I am glad to assist in the emptying or filling of tanks and have done it on several occasions.

Niggle 4. “There are signs asking you not to let your dog foul the site, but there are no dog poo bins”.
(My Reply) Yes we do ask campers to pickup after there dogs and put it in the wheelie bin.
Don't tell me your council provides every household with a dog their own little poo bin if so what day do they collect it?

Niggle 5. There is a little island in the middle of the pond and it could be very pretty, but instead it is bare.”
(My Reply) The island is a completely natural environment. The ducks, moorhens, kingfishers and other wild life love it the way it is. The water foul we have that visit us, use it as a nesting site. What's prettier then that?

Niggle 6. There are no serviced pitches.
(My Reply) We never said we had any.

Niggle 7. There is only a couple of places to walk your dog.
(My Reply) There is mile upon mile of unspoiled beaches, woodland and open country side to walk dogs right outside the site.

I thought you only had a couple of, "Niggles?" In my book that means two. That might explain the problem you had counting, stating there are 80 to 100+ pitch's on The Caravan Club site in the village when there are actually only 63. Its as clear as day they are listed on the same page as us.

As a member of the village council I am very sorry you were let down with your expectation of the village. With no art galleries, coffee shops, gift shops, swimming pools, amusement arcades, candy floss stalls, fish and chip shops and especially no Indian and Chinese's restaurants. Both the post office, which by the way has an amazing range of produce (shame you didn't go in) and Macs harbour store, manage to keep us villagers in everyday essentials. True we don't have a Morrisons here, but you probably brought all your supplies from your local super store. We have a saying here, "Use it or lose it".

Sorry that the sight of my 15 month old JCB mini excavator upset you so much but it is needed for site and smallholding maintenance. The so called sheds full of junk are actually 3 well equipped work workshops and are the envy of many a campers.

I am not going to go into the old caravan but I am sure Alma will be putting a review on. All I can say is, why put down a fellow campers caravan just because it is older than yours? For those that don't know, Alma’s caravan is a twin axle Tabert, a German classic built to last! She was, "Most upset by your rude comments", her words.

The comment you made that really baffles me is when you say “First of all when you come through the gates, it feels a little Steptoe & Sons in the yard”. I took the 2 photos below this morning from half way down to the gates in both directions. “Can anyone help me out on this its got me stumped”.
Now Camperick reap what you have sewn
Some of our campers review YOU
We would like to thank
for confirming the identity of
Mr & Mrs Spaven alias Camperick.
If you think we are making it up here's the proof

Hi Rusty
I wrote to that review site to complain about the Camperick review they wouldn't print it they said I had to write 2 other review about other sites we had visited so they could take it in context, we did that then resubmitted a review on yours site, they have printed it  reviewer Johnds47 but they have edited it.


Hello Rusty
Eeeeeekkkkkk, just seen a  'Review!!!!!'  On ukcamsites
Graham's at work so will show him ASAP. Just AWFUL, Rusty. Hhhmmmm, Steptoe and Son, eh??!!!!!!! Disgraceful........he says at the end of it that he will return..........You wouldn't want his negative attitude near the place!!!!! We've not found a site comparable to The Lodge in the 12 years we've been caravanning. And NO, we DO NOT WANT GARLIESTON TO BECOME COMMERCIALISED!!!!!!!! So annoyed about this....... No doubt Graham will have somat to say!! 
Keep the faith

Hello Rusty,

Just got in from work. Going back soon but had to say hello.

The problem with these review sites and forums is that spineless, gutless wingers get to make unsubstantiated claims, and say things they wouldn't dream of saying to your face. 

How do they expect you to keep the site right if you don't have the machinery to do it and the buildings to keep it in. 

And then say about Garlieston not having facilities and hasn't been developed, if they develop it, it won't be Garlieston. 

I really do hate people like this. Steptoe and son my arse. 

Anyway, keep smiling, and DON'T CHANGE A THING

Better to keep 99.999999999% of customers happy,  than try to appease these ones and upset the rest of your fan base.

There, I am calming down a little now.

Back to work,

See you soon.
Sent by Graham Iredale

Hello mate
Some people are never  satisfied they want to go to some of the sites me and barb have been to Then they would appreciate all the hard work and man hours you have put in to make your site stand out from the rest
Take care mate
All the best colin
A*******s come in many sizes: I have submitted a short review but will have to see if they approve it. Cheeky t***s after you helped with van etc. but some folks only have winging for a hobby!Regards: Duncan

Hi Rusty,
I would not want to Live in CamperDICKs world with everything to his set menu. Thats not a review, its an inquest.


Well this beggars belief that someone can be so shallow. Bet they said sod all while they were there. They need to get a life.... 

At the end they say they want to come back, bet you're fully booked when they try to come there again!Sent from Ray's iPad

What a winger! He contradicts himself all the way through, make a note of his name and tell him you are full next time. We don't need nitwits like that at Garlieston!!!  Pity there isn't anyway to reply to him or is there?

Kind Regards


Gave me a good laugh though ! Some people can never be suited I presume "CamperDick" or whatever his name is will not be INVITED again....But bless him, he did give you 9 stars despite his winging.
Further down the reviews, Fiona W wasn't too chuffed that she couldn't give her pie crusts to your chickens....some people!  she is obviously not aware that feeding kitchen scraps and catering waste, and  any meat and meat products to farmed animals such as pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry etc, including farmed animals kept as pets, is illegal under animal by-products legislation (Reg. EC 1069/2009, Reg. EU 142/2011) Further information on the ban on feeding kitchen scraps and meat to livestock, including to pet farmed animals, is available on the Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) website,

Campericks one reason why I prefer my dogs to people.....

Hello  mate,

Now that I have calmed down a little, I have had time to look at the other reviews from this Pr**t, it appears that they are pleased with nothing. Some sites are too neat, others not neat enough. You don't recycle, but another site that puts the grass cuttings in a hedge is Eco friendly, but that makes the place look untidy. They complain about how difficult it is to reverse on to some pitches on a site at Keswick, but when they went to Morpeth they were insulted as the warden directed them as if they didn't know what they were doing. 

I am going to draw up a list of these inconsistencies, and then contact the UK campsite website people and point them out. These are professional complainers, and very inconsistent in their approach, and as such, should be moderated by any website of this type that is worth it's salt. 

Keep smiling and non illegitimate carborundum !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Don't let the ba********s grind you down) Sent by Graham Iredale

Hi Rusty unable to get printed a review on ukcampsites review re camperick! would just like to say that garlieston lodge and garlieston provide everything we want from a site with peaceful idyllic surroundings and good company if you so wish. Can't wait to get back enjoy the simple pleasures in life and let the stresses of work melt away for a time.
joe irene

Hi rusty see Irene did the job for me. Would just like to thank you both for the last five years at your place just can not get enough of it.
See that this Camper(D)ick missed out a letter in his name and made few pals at the same time.
Boy was I mad when I saw his post on the ukcampsite uk..
SO please stay as you are. OUR WEE PLACE IN HEAVEN
joe irene

Rusty we live in Birmingham and this week 04/09/2013 we all have just received 1 grey wheelie bin at a cost of millions after years of black plastic bag collections and no recycling  just 1 grey one no blue, green, brown  or pinks one to separate our rubbish, CAMPERICK if you are such a eco warrior why didnt you take your recyclable home, but I bet you didnt. We have been to this site several times and its worth every mile we travel to get there, in the 15 years we have had our van we have never been on a site with so much charm and where the owners make a genuine effort to make sure you enjoy your stay. All I can say to camperick is I bet your a real bundle of joy  to live next door to, a bit of advice camperick you really, really, really do need to get a life.
Jim & Val form Birmingham.

Hi Rusty + Chris. Just seen the review. What a pratt. Obviously they don't research the area prior to booking ( which I , my 2 westie's and your many regulars think is fab). When I drive in your gate, I see a relaxing , welcoming , clean , cosy, picturesque site which I keep returning to again + again, like all your regulars. Please don't take this idiot to heart. I have recommended your site and my friends all enjoyed their visits. I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks , my 3rd visit this year +  have already booked for next year!!!  The only niggle I have is I cant stay more .
Lynn M

Hi Rusty, How very very sad camperick is, I had to read his review trice as I couldn't believe it the first time, I wonder what job he has Its opened my eyes to think there are people out there like him so so sad. Jill & Frank - Blackpool

Well Rusty what can one say, that idiot has just posed another review about a site at Haltwhistle  they obviously want a site with no one on but themselves right next to a  Indian takeaway, I hope we never end up on a pitch next to them they seam the sort of campers that lookout of their van window checking out other camper outfits we call them curtain twitchers down here you get them on some of the big club sites that why we prefer smaller sites. You should run a sweepstake and get campers to guess what his job was in the real world. We think your site is the best we have ever stayed on in the 21 years we have  been caravanning dont take his review to heart.

See you next year.
Jan and Bob Longton from Leyland
Hi Rusty and Christine,
Jeff and I have just seen the Camperick crap. We've got a niggle, we don't get enough holidays so can't come to your wonderful site more often. Have you caught anything with the casting net yet? See you next year. Best wishes to you, Christine and Alma (love her van).
Sue and Jeff the Northumbrians.
Hi Rusty, hope you and the tractor have recovered from your stunts !!!!

You owe me a pint on my next visit because I am ready to kill uk campsites, they have refused my review , as I have to do at least one other review for them  to consider printing mine for garlieston lodge !!!!! Whats that about,  well I kicked off  at them, as it took me about an hour to register to be able to do the review !!!!! But they let ( ars!!!!!s) sorry idiots, I know you have a sensitive nature ! like camperick say a load of rubbish !!!!
Anyway I am out to give uk campsites hell !!!!!, they have really annoyed me.   I am going to make up hundreds of reviews to comply with their policy !!!! Dont think I will ever get anything printed 

Hope all is well with you , Chris and all the animals 

Enjoy your pint at 6pm

So here's my reply to their statement "We had a couple of niggles"
( Click Here )
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