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The area has many great dog friendly places to eat, I would like to share a few of my favourites, I still have more to try, so keep reading and if you have a favourite place please let me know

The Belted Galloway
Riverside View
Newton Stewart

The Belted Galloway is a licensed restaurant , bar and coffee shop where dogs are very welcome.

I go here when I am shopping in Newton Stewart and enjoy a hot breakfast rolls and a good latte or on my way back from Knockman wood or Penninghame Pond for a coffee to warm up. This place is very popular with the locals and has tables outside in the summer. I now know that belted galloway is a breed of cow but prior to knowing this I  always wondered why there was a cow in the cabinet !! No its not real haha , go and see.

There is a lovely tourist shop and a visitors centre in the building.

The owner is very dog friendly and has a soft spot for westies

Steam Packet Inn
Harbour Row
Isle of Whithorn

Another really dog friendly place. The dogs are allowed anywhere except in the restaurant. If you walk through the conservatory,  if you are lucky you will find the one picnic bench in the back free. In September I sat  here in the sun with my friend and the dogs for hours , we had a lovely afternoon, the owner provided us  with a  dog bowl and fresh water for the two terrors .

Picnic benches out at the front overlook  the harbour which is lovely on a sunny day

I Went in October and my companion had the fish and chips and said the fish was amazing.

A varied menu and good value for money look out for the the steak night, I must try this next time I am up, again I have asked and they will do you a takeaway.

Whilst there if you drink beer, which i occasionally do ! You must try the paddle  of home brew beers , fab, you can easily get the bus to the Isle of Whithorn with the dogs, so no worries about driving.  Www.thesteampacketinn

Harbour inn

We had to mention our local

The dogs love to lay in front of the fire in the winter and endeavour to charm Laura, Frankie or Harry to open the dog treat box behind the bar or go and annoy Alan or one of the other  locals whom always carry dog biscuits in their pockets.

The harbour inn  and tea room have a varied menu and dogs are welcome in all rooms of the pub and the tea room  which is open seasonally. It is best to book a table if you wish to eat in the evening if the Caravan Club site is open as they can get very busy during the club season.

No worry about driving home from here . In fact if you dont know where the Harbour Inn is you can borrow Bonnie and Skye they know the way  !

Bonnie and Skye's Favourite place to eat

Where could it be  ??

Yes , it Garlieston Lodge. What ? you say !!!!

What more could you and the dogs want on a lovely summer day or evening.

We ( me , bonnie and skye ) love to have a barbecue on the site, looking out onto the lake. I normally will have a bottle of something chilled  and if im really spoiling myself will have purchased some amazing Belly Pork ( my favourite ) from the site , the dogs know which campers they can harrass/charm   to give them dog biscuits and there is always good company if you want it or peace and quiet if you don't. The dogs love paddling in the burn in the summer when it is low, so its the perfect place for them to chill, grass to roll over on and sunbathe , water to paddle in,  dog biscuits and sometimes doggy friends .

Or we may have another Big breakfast/ barbeque or a fish and chip supper from the Central Cafe

Haha don't know if Rusty will print this one but he did say it was my blog !! We will see !
The area has many great dog friendly places to eat, I would like to share a few of my favourites, I still have more to try, so keep reading and if you have a favourite place please let me know
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